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About Us

“The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental.  It's so much like life!

Aurthur Miller

FeLo & Co Theatrical Productions, Inc., is a professional commercial (for-profit) theatre production company headquartered in Dallas, TX.  We specializes in producing musical theatre.  For audiences in Far North Dallas, we focus on producing professional Broadway musicals with top of the line production values coupled with full orchestrations that are memorable, uplifting, encouraging, and family oriented entertainment — ultimately bringing Broadway musicals to Far North Dallas!



We bring JOY to our audiences and RENEW culture through our work, by creating and producing musical theatre shows that promote universal truths and uplifting, encouraging family values. Our productions are designed to bring excellence in entertainment annually to the Dallas Fort Worth area, with specific productions earmarked as "out of town" tryouts for the New York stage. These Broadway bound musicals will be based on old and new Hollywood films, cultural icons, and underlying published materials.  



We do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, color, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, national origin, religion, or political affiliation. We believe that the participation of men and women of diverse backgrounds adds to our individual, personal development - aiding in our success as a company to fulfill our mission.  

Our Development Companies

In order to give our investors a choice as to the type of theatrical content they wish to invest in, FeLo & Co Theatricals has 4 Development Companies under which it produces based on the genre of each play or musical produced:

                            about our investment opportunities:  

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